You’re either wondering “what is beer money?” rr you’re trying to figure out how to get more of it! Beer money, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, simply means extra disposable income. Additional money earned for spending on the non-necessities of life or the luxuries. You can do many things from the comfort of your couch or with a few moments of spare time on the weekends. Here are five ways to earn some extra beer money this week!

  • Swagbucks: As recognized by ABC, The Huffington Post, The Penny Hoarder & more Swagbucks is the most popular rewards website. With this you earn reward points by watching videos, doing research on the web, surveys, and even shopping at your favorite store! You can then redeem your points for cash sent via PayPal or get a gift card to your favorite retailer. Download the app and work when you want. Not to mention you get a free $5 for signing up! Sign Up.
  • Are you an animal lover? Sign up for an account with and use your spare time to walk dogs. Average sitter charges $40/night. Rover a great resource for those looking to get some extra money in their pocket. You can offer services such as dog boarding, house sitting, dog walking doggy day care, or drop-in visits for that real quick cash! With you’re the boss so you can have as many clients as you want. 
  • Sell, sell, sell: Have some old things lying around that you’ll probably never use or wear again? Sell them on Ebay or Letgo. The key with Ebay Is to find an item like yours that already sold and “sell one like this.” That’ll get your items viewed fast, and the best part about it is you get to name the price. As soon as your item sells, let USPS pick it up and you’re all set. There is also LetGo which is more local, and is great for those who prefer to have their cash in hand.
  • Online surveys: Surveys are a great way to earn some beer money, and you can do them right on your phone. With survey’s you’ll hear about many people making tons of money off of them, and you can. I’ll be honest the survey came is hard. You must work your way up with a credible company, but it is possible to earn good money doing this! Check out sites like Swagbucks, CashCrate, Surveyspot, & pollbuzzer.
  • Recycling: Ok now for this one you must go to the store. But it’s perfect if you’re looking for real beer money, you can just grab your beer after you return your bottles. I take back bottles in my house that usually get me anywhere from $12-18 each week. I use that money for my savings.