When thinking about saving on entertainment costs, your library is usually the last place you would think of, right? Well it does have it’s advantages that will save you a ton! Check out some of the perks of having a library card at your local library. By the way, most of the time your library card is free!

Internet Access: If you are close to you local library and want to save on internet cost, get your free card and start surfing the web there. You can look up anything you need to. For example jobs, DIY projects, do your homework or simply just exploring the world wide web.

Learn a New Language: The library offers it’s own language learning software. Don’t spend money on Rosetta Stone when you can visit your local library and learn all you need to. They may offer more than one software, which is always a bonus.

Children’s Activities: Kids love going to the library. Not only do they get to check out free books but they can also get crafty here. My local library has a special area for kids with tables, crayons, glue sticks, and everything else to help them explore their imagination. No wonder Matilda was always there! No going to the store and spending tons of money on crafts, it’s all in the palm of your hands here.

Movies: This is a huge one! Most people, including myself don’t get the chance to go out to the movies and splurge. Not a problem when you can check out CDs, DVDs, and video games all at your local library for free! Some Library’s only let you have them for so long before they charge you for them, but as long as you turn them back in on time, you’re golden. I let my nephews pick out movies from there when I get them on the weekends and then return then when I take them home. Zero money spent, and it’s all thanks to my library card!

Event Tickets: When you live in a super small town like I do, your local library will often alert you of all the events going on in town. For instance my “town” is one simple street. Main street, that is. Everything happens on main street. Since I’m a member of my local library they inform me of all the upcoming events in town for nothing.

How do you use your local library for entertainment? Does it help you save money? Let us know! We would love to add it to our list.