Two words: Dollar Tree.

The Dollar Tree is inexpensive and stress free, it’s the first place you should think of going for hosting a budget friendly gathering. It doesn’t matter whether or not your planning a graduation party or having your co-workers over for dinner. Everything you need to entertain on a budget will be found there – and everything’s one dollar!

Serve ware: You can grab a plastic veggie tray and a water container with a spigot in various colors here. And the best part is they are reusable and work for most occasions! So whether you’re having a backyard bbq or a huge celebration. These items will be a necessity, for $1 a piece you can’t beat it.

Game night: My girlfriends and I have a girls only game night on the weekends. So I created a game bag, I did this at dollar tree. I used a shopping bag that I already had handy and filled it will games such as: Dominos, Bingo, Bingo markers, playing cards, extra dice, coloring books and some pens for scrabble! You can also grab a shopping bag there in case you don’t already have one.

Keeping the kids busy: Being an aunt I have acquired a large amount of kids games and toys. I bought a hamper at Dollar tree and filled it with puzzles, games, dress up clothes and a couple fleece blankets that you can find at Walmart for $2.50

DIY Décor: Every season the Dollar Tree rolls out new seasonal decorations for the home. These items usually include themed plastic plates that come in a pack of four, Serving trays, table covers, & Guest napkins. Seasonal decorations from the Dollar Tree are usually very stylish. All of your friends will be asking you, “Where did you get this serving tray, it’s so pretty.”

Pot luck: Having a pot luck is one of the most common ways to entertain wisely. Depending on the theme of the gathering, everyone brings their own dish! It’s perfect for you and it gives your guest a variety of foods.

These are just some of my favorite DIY hacks for entertaining on a budget. Keep more money in your wallet by being more cautious of how you spend it. I promise you it will save you hundreds of dollars annually!