Nobody likes doing laundry. Well, maybe some people do, but I sure don’t. However, I do love to save money. Here are a few things that you can start doing today to save some cash.

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

Making your own laundry detergent is not only fun and a huge money saver but it last FOREVER! You can find many different recipes for laundry soap including both liquid and powder. I personally like powder detergent not to mention it last several months. This is my favorite DIY recipe for powder detergent:

  • 4 lbs Baking Soda
  • 1 box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
  • 1 box Borax
  • 4 bars of Zote Soap or Fels-Naptha
  • 2 small bottles or one large bottle of Purex Crystals

Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

I recently decided to make my own dryer sheets, Best idea ever! My clothes smell amazing. These dryer sponges will last you forever and cost you as much as one bottle of fabric softener. You soak the sponges in a cup of water equally lining up half way up the sponge then you add half a teaspoon of the scent boosters and boom your done!

  • Four sponges (You can buy a pack of six at Meijer for roughly $2.50)
  • One bottle of Downy Unstopables scent booster

Stock Up On Socks

I swear, our dryer eats socks. Literally eats them. My favorite place to be on the lookout for a sock sale is JCpenney. A lot of people don’t know that when stuff goes on clearance here it really goes on clearance, I can usually pickup a 10 pack (or a couple) of socks for $0.97!

Make Sure The Load Is Full

The less you use your washer the better. A normal washer will use roughly 40 to 50 gallons of water per load. The average house hold will use roughly 16,000 gallons of water annually just with their washing machine! So every load should be full enough for your machine to hold. Skip the sorting, throw everyone’s clothes in at the same time.

Use Cold Water

Cold water helps to save energy. This is a eco-friendly solution for the home and the water bill. Since you’re now using cold water, it will take less time for the detergent to breakdown – you may need to add a smidge more. But it is indeed worth it!

Line Dry Your Clothes

Spring, Summer, & Fall are great times to save some energy from using your dryer!

These Laundry hacks are so simple anyone can do them, and you’ll be saving money while you do!