If you’re looking for some cheap meal ideas to make your work week a bit more manageable, then I’ll have just the thing for you. Cheap meal ideas include all sorts of different dishes that can be cooked in your own home oven or microwave, and even on your own grill. In addition, cheap meal ideas often include inexpensive ingredients, too! No more buying fancy spices and ingredients, or wasting money buying gourmet ingredients at the grocery store or over the Internet.

cheap meal ideas

When it comes to cheap meal ideas, the list is pretty much endless. Some of the dishes I would definitely suggest including omelets, quiches, casseroles, appetizers, and desserts! But which ones are good and which ones are bad?

oOmelet – This meal is great on a Monday, because it’s cheap, easy, and can be prepared quickly. You can throw together an omelet in no time at all, and it’s usually topped off with some cheese. If you want to spend less on this meal, try cooking your omelet with your own eggs, cheese, and sausage. This is an easy meal to prepare and reheat and will help cut back on the price of this meal.

oDesserts – Many people think that desserts have to be fancy and expensive. However, there are so many simple recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to eat! One example of a dessert you can prepare at home is a simple fruit cake, and the key here is to make sure that you bake it in a cookie sheet. Don’t use a bundt cake pan, as they tend to be expensive. Instead, use a regular cake pan or a muffin pan.

oCheese – The basics of cheese are milk, cream, and cheese spread. You can get all sorts of cheeses in any grocery store, and you can make homemade cheeses by combining cheese, milk, and oil! These cheeses are cheap, but they’re still as tasty as regular cheeses.

oShrimp – This is a great way to make a quick meal that doesn’t have to be expensive. You can cook up some shrimp and bake it for a quick and delicious snack. or you can cook up some shrimp and bake it as a dip! For a dip, you can mix some ranch dressing into the shrimp for a quick dip that’s great on your fries or sandwiches. You can also bake up some shrimp and toss it on top of salads, instead of using mayonnaise, and ranch dressing.