You might be surprised to know that how to save money actually isn’t as easy as you may think. While many will probably consider saving money to be relatively easy, in fact, one in ten American citizens have nothing saved for the future. So while saving money for the future is undeniably exciting, you shouldn’t just overlook saving money altogether. There are plenty of ways for you to save for the future without sacrificing anything, and here are just some of them.

Of course, the most important factor that influences your ability to spend money wisely is the amount of money you make at any given time. If you’re only earning enough to pay the bills, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to live above your means, so make sure you can afford the things you need without having to work too hard at it.

If you can earn enough money from your own money each week to cover the basics, then you’re well on your way. But if you earn less than that or aren’t able to live on your own money, then you should start saving up now.

One of the best ways you can start saving is by increasing your credit card balance. While it might seem like a difficult thing to do at first, remember that the longer you hold onto a credit card, the more likely you are to max it out. So when you max out a credit card, you don’t lose that card’s value in the long run because you didn’t have the money to pay it off.

Another good idea for those who have several credit cards is to take them out in different interest-free installments. If you find that you can’t make the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards, then you can usually get a lower interest rate by paying the entire balance off over a few months instead of a shorter period of time.

You can use your knowledge of how to save now to pay for future needs you want. Instead of spending the money on something that you don’t really need right now, save it for later so that you don’t have to spend the money when it’s not available.

If you know how to save money now, you’ll also know how to invest it later. With the economy still relatively weak, it’s easier than ever before to invest your money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or whatever other financial instruments you like.

By learning about the best ways to save now, you will be able to save for the future and earn a higher income later on. And the higher income you earn, the better off you’ll be!